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Activate Your Warranty

  • Scan the QR Code
  • Fill the Warranty Form
  • Register Your Product
  • Receive Confirmation on WhatsApp
  • Your Warranty is Activated!

Law's Service Request

If there is a problem with your ONOMA product under warranty.

  • Please reach out to us with details of the Model / Serial No. and Photos of the defective item.
  • For many issues, we can pinpoint the problem and possible solutions remotely, hence please feel free to reach out to us to reduce the downtime of repairs.

Scan the QR Code


  1. Please Scan The QR Code to Register the product and claim the warranty.
  2. ONOMA shall repair all types of manufacturing defects.
  3. In the event of repair/repaint, the warranty shall continue only for the unexpired period. the period taken for repair/transit shall not be excluded from the original warranty period.
  4. Warranty is applicable only after inspection of the unit and clearance of condition by authorized ONOMA personnel. any parts replaced under warranty shall become our property.


  1. Please do not color or recolor without ONOMA authorization.
  2. The warranty shall not cover damage caused during shipment from the dealer’s showroom to the customer site.
  3. This warranty shall not apply to general maintenance items like Adjusters etc. normal wear and tear items and parts not provided by ONOMA.
  4. Site conditions that are not recommended for furniture installation.
  5. Defects due to causes beyond control like acts of God, natural calamities, etc.
  6. A refund of any sort is excluded from the company’s warranty policy.
  7. Warranty void if repair undertaken by unauthorized personnel.

All Warranty conditions stated herein are subject to change without prior notice.
Disputes if any shall be within the jurisdiction of courts and tribunals in Noida ( New Delhi NCR ) only.

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