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We are a leading manufacturer in the HVAC&R industry. We believe in constantly breaking new grounds with our ever expanding manufacturing and execution capabilities. We are a leader in the manufacturing of a wide range of HVAC & Refrigeration components. In the 26+ years of our existence, we have pioneered solutions for the future by creating an efficient global supply chain, strategic and technical international collaborations, and accelerating our export focus.

We have a strong focus on achieving the highest quality standards at all times. Our commitment to quality is backed by our technology capabilities and the strong expertise of our personnel. Our team of experts exhibits great attention to detail, manufacturing excellence, and very high professionalism. This makes us a partner of choice for our customers that include some of the best global companies.

ONOMA group has been a part of the Indian domestic Aircon manufacturing space with its presence in the industry for 26+ years. We have an accomplished history of manufacturing fully built air conditioners for leading AC brands. Over the time Onoma has put more focus on manufacturing of heat exchanges, system tubings, and core copper components. Today we are proud to be one of the leaders in manufacturing these components. 

We always maintain a nimble and aggressive approach, with an unmatched focus on quality, efficiency, and satisfaction of valued clients—primarily by ensuring quality products with timely delivery.

Our vision is to emerge as the number one HVAC&R in the country—to be the first choice of the companies in the HVAC & Refrigereration space. By incorporating strong management skills with the latest technology, we endeavor to pursue opportunities for innovation and to build lasting relationships with our clients, partners, employees, and business associates.


All our components are manufactured from premium quality copper. By maintaining transparency through all the aspects of the manufacturing process, we strive to deliver world-class components to ensure that the end-products are durable, efficient, and robust.


With our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, experienced and seasoned production & management team, and optimized HVAC&R parts supply chain, we create growth opportunities both for us as well as our business

Customer Satisfaction

We always strive to understand the specific needs and demands of our consumers and customize our products to fit their preferences. After all, quality products and excellent customer
service are what make a happy

Experienced & Skilled Management

Our management team comprises of professionals who have extensive industry experience in their respective domains, thereby bringing a high degree of credibility to our business functions. Furthermore, our dedicated management team is entrusted to identify and capture emerging market opportunities, design top-notch marketing, and business strategies, and exceed both the client requirements and expectations, time and again.

Transparent & Cost-Effective Manufacturing

Integrated with the latest technological equipment, backward integration, and global sourcing capabilities, our manufacturing unit has been built to handle large-scale HVAC&R operations. We also have high-end quality assurance systems to check and discover defects in our products while the manufacturing process is ongoing. This helps prevent wastage of time and resources during production. The aim is to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients while maintaining our profit margins.

Customized Solutions

We are aware of the fact that each client has its own distinct and specific needs and hence, we offer fully customized solutions to our clients. Thus, no matter what your requirements are, our R&D team will collaborate with you to build such innovative solutions that best fit your business needs.

We take great pleasure in having manufacturing capabilities that are state of the art as well as an amazing workforce that is capable of continuously delivering outstanding results. In Bhiwadi, Neemrana, and Chennai, we have three prominent manufacturing sites that are dedicated solely to the production of HVAC and refrigeration components.


This is one of the largest factories for manufacturing of heat exchangers in the country. This plant was previously owned and operated by Lloyd Group and manufactures evaporator and condenser coils for air conditioners and HVAC applications using the most cutting-edge equipment from world-class companies like Burr Oak of the USA and Hidaka of Japan.

Our Bhiwadi plant is uniquely positioned in the mobile HVAC systems space as well as in the heat transfer industry due to its extended capability to design, develop, manufacture, and maintain highly engineered HVAC systems for the railway, metro and bus coach industry. This capability extends to our ability to design, develop, manufacture, and maintain these systems as well.

In addition to being the top Heat Exchanger manufacturer in India, this Bhiwadi facility has a long history of manufacturing HVAC systems and related components for:

  • Indian Railways – Level 1 supplier
  • Metro Trains
  • Defense HVAC for rigorous usage
  • Bus air-conditioning
  • Refrigerated Vehicles
  • Data Centres, Commercial Air-conditioning & Refrigeration


This unit was established in 2021 and is outfitted in accordance with the standards of the Japanese market. It possesses a youthful and energetic workforce that is responsible for the production of complex copper tube assemblies that are subjected to the most modern testing and leak detection.


Having a long association with Korean MNCs and other domestic players, the Chennai setup caters to air con and refrigerator tube components. The southern region of India is home to a large number of enterprises that specialise in air conditioning and refrigerators; as a result, the setup in Chennai is excellent and well-prepared to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.

Wide Range of Products and Applications

Across our manufacturing units, we have the capability to create a long range of products and components for the HVAC&R industry for a range of applications.

 Our product range includes: 

  • Window, Split and package A/C Systems
  • Commercial Refrigeration System (Visicooler, Bottle Cooler and Deep Freezer)
  • Automobile-Buses / Car air conditioning
  • Railway air-conditioning and Marine air-conditioning
  • Telecom / Mainframe air conditioning
  • Special Application Coils

Advanced Machines

Our manufacturing plants boast advanced and state of the art machines for manufacturing of heat exchanges, system tubings, and core copper components. These machines include Computerized fin Lines, Hairpin Benders, Mechanical Expander, Automatic Brazing Machine, CNC Turret punch, press Brake, shear, CNC Pipe Bending Machines, Pipe Flaring, Expanding, Bending Equipment, Return Bend manufacturing, Tig / Mig welding, Tin Plating and Painting apart from other equipment required for manufacturing world class Heat Exchangers.

High Standards of Quality Testing

Heat exchanger manufacturing requires meticulous attention to every last detail across stages. Our condenser and cooling coils meet the stringent technical specifications and quality standards set by its HVAC&R clients globally from HVAC&R industry.The coils undergo rigorous leak testing. The coils are protected from moisture intrusion during storage and transportation by being dehydrated by hot, dry air and having their pressure adjusted by dry nitrogen. Modern coil design software and a cutting-edge facility for testing coils and AC systems up to 15 tonnes assure high-quality products that are ideal for their application regions.

Our state-of-the-art testing facilities include:

  • Modern Helium Leak Testing Setup
  • A facility for auto brazing
  • Completely in-house U BEND production facility
  • Inhouse copper and header shop.
  • Sheet metal workshop that uses an Amada CNC turret
  • The Psychometric Lab of 18 Tons, one of the biggest HVAC testing facilities in India
  • Complex leak detection systems, including nitrogen flushing, manual and automatic dip tank processes, high-pressure testing, and dehydration ovens

Raw Materials And Processes

Quality is not just a corporate or management jargon, it is a way of life for us.  From the acquisition of raw materials to the production processes, from R & D to post-sales support services, there is a strong emphasis on quality. Due to the company’s preference for quality, its factories are equipped with cutting-edge machinery for producing Heat Exchangers made of fine-grained Aluminium and Copper with seamless smooth or grooved tubes, end plates, and casings made of galvanised Iron, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, or Stainless steel.

We strongly adhere to globally accepted standards, such as : 

  •   Plain and internally grooved copper pipes of 9.52mm and 7mm outer diameter.
  •   Aluminium foil in blue/Golden colour with hydrophilic and bio (Health) properties.
  •   Casing and end sheets are of standard galvanized steel, Aluminium or Copper/Brass.

Additionally, we have successfully obtained ISO certifications, including ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015 certifications.



Highly Skilled Workforce

Our highly skilled and qualified workforce has been our most valuable asset, and it has been instrumental in assisting the organisation in dramatically improving both its output and its quality. Our team of professionals brings in high technology skills, a keen eye for detail, and strong work ethics. We place a significant emphasis on training at every level of the company. We encourage workers and management to have one-on-one relationships with one another.

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